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Coring Machines
Hilti DD130
Hilti DD130


- Versatile: Can be used hand-held or mounted on a drill stand. The baseplate is designed for vacuum attachment as well as for anchor fixing to the surface
- Designed for both wet and dry coring without modification
- Simple - Mobile and efficient: can be set-up and operated easily by a single person
- Simple: can be set-up and operated easily by a single person
- Powerful. 
- High-performance 1900 W motor with plenty of power in reserve
- Flexible. Three gears for optimum power transmission and to suit the core bit diameter and material


- For through holes up to 152 mm diameter in concrete with rig (8 - 62 mm hand-held) and 162 mm in masonry
- Wet drilling in concrete with drillstand / up to 152 mm
- Wet drilling in concrete hand-held / up to 62 mm
- Dry drilling in masonry hand-held / up to 162 mm
- Anchor holes (starter bars, mechanical anchors, adhesive anchors)
- Test cores, plumbing penetrations (waste water) heating penetrations (air-conditioning, heating), electrical penetrations, electrical socket cutting, telecom penetrations, railings (stairs, balconies)

Hilti DD200
Hilti DD200


 - Diamond coring made easy: easy to handle, easy to understand and easy to operate
- Powerful, air-cooled 2600 Watt drive unit with 3-speed gearing and convenient controls. Compact design, weight only 12.7 kg
- Simple and quick: the new BL chuck system for keyless bit changing 
- A new drill stand: sturdy, versatile and very easy to set up and adjust
- Range of highly convenient and functional accessories



 Penetrations for ducts, pipes and cables
- Openings for ventilation
- Stitch drilling for breaches
- Holes for service entries

Hilti DD350
Hilti DD350


- Operation within the optimum power range is easy with the aid of the LED “Power Controls”- for peak performance and longer core bit life.
- High performance, low weight
- Simple and quick: the new BL chuck system for keyless bit changing
- The service indicator warns in plenty of time when servicing is due, thus reducing down time and avoiding need for repairs.
- Thanks to IP 55 water spray protection, drilling can be carried out under the most adverse conditions.
- Angle drilling
- Easy hole starting with extra low RPM at the touch of a button
- Works on standard single phase power supply
- "Iron Boost" for drilling through rebar


- Through-holes and penetrations
- Blind holes for setting anchors or rebars
- Corner holes for sawing
- Manhole openings
- Stitch coring for installing cable trays
- Large openings for drainage water pipes etc.


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